Interested in getting more involved in theatre and exploring your artistic expression? Get free tickets to Buddies’ shows, see post-show talks with our artists, get on stage at an open-mic night, learn from and with other queer artists, or learn how to create your own show. There’s something for everyone.

Buddies’ Queer Youth Arts Program engages people in queer cultural exchange, working with queer, 2-Spirit, trans, and gender variant youth from all backgrounds to support the development of early-in-craft artistic voices.


Buddies in Bad Times’ Youth Program engages our youth community in queer cultural exchange. We support the development of early-in-craft artistic voices. We work with queer, trans, 2-spirit, and gender variant youth who have an interest in theatre, performance, and the creative process. Our programs offer space for artistic risk where youth can develop their creative voices. We offer opportunities to access Buddies in Bad Times Theatre’s productions and professional theatre artists to nurture the next generation of artists, audiences, and community. We facilitate collaborative artistic exchange amongst and across our divergent individual identities. Together, we navigate the tensions that inevitably arise when our differences collide.

LeeLee Davis

Youth Program Coordinator Leelee Davis is a transgenderqueer, Canadian-born multimedia performance artist. They are of African / Trinidadian / Indigenous and French descent. Davis has a passion for working with...

Sunny Drake

Emerging Creators Unit Director Sunny Drake is a writer, actor, director and independent theatre producer. He has toured his theatre works to over 50 cities across Canada, Australia, the USA...

Mel Hague

Company Dramaturge Mel Hague is a Toronto based dramaturge and curator. Mel is a proud Queer woman of Jamaican-Canadian heritage. Mel is the Rhubarb Festival Director and Company Dramaturge at...