If you are interested in participating in the workshop series or being in Buddies Youth Ensemble please fill out this form and submit. For any questions or comments email: leelee@buddiesandbadtimes.com

Note: Elders interested participating in the Youth/Elder Initiative are invited to fill out this form as well.

Buddies in Bad Times’ Queer Youth Arts Program engages youth-identified community in queer cultural exchange. We work with queer, 2-Spirit, trans and gender variant youth-identified folks from all backgrounds to support the development of early-in-craft artistic voices. The program runs most Wednesdays of the year. We ask that folks signing up for the program create the availability in their schedules to attend most sessions. In this way, we are able to facilitate a consistent working environment that can foster the growth and development of the artists in attendance. In December, interested individuals can interview for a spot in the Buddies Youth Ensemble. The Youth Ensemble will continue their work together from January to June with a show in the mainspace at Buddies during Pride Month.

Participants of the program will have priority access to the following:

Want to see a show? The shows in our season have a Youth Night, where you can come for free.These shows also feature a post-show talkback session with the creative team so you can learn more about the piece and the process.

Want to perform on the Buddies stage? QueerCab is Buddies’ monthly youth open mic night. Your chance to showcase your skills, try out new material, develop ideas, and support other queer artists! Come be a part of the QueerCab community and experience the thrill of the stage.

Want to learn new skills? From October – January, we’re offering a series of free workshops focusing on artistic exploration, theatre skills development, and developing the skills required to work in professional artistic environment.

A day full of panels, workshops, mini shows, and break out groups that connect youth-identified people with each other and the community at large. These youth-focused events are open to anyone of any age.

Buddies Youth Ensemble
Buddies Youth Ensemble is your opportunity to work with a consistent group of other queer youth in a pre-professional environment. Being a part of the ensemble means you will have access to all of the above, as well as performance opportunities, leadership development, one-on-one mentoring, workshops with Toronto’s leading queer artists, and much more. The ensemble begins meeting regularly in January, but if you are interested in being a part of it, we strongly recommend attending our drop-in workshops in the fall.

Youth/Elder Initiative
Continuing to build on the work that was created in the inaugural Youth/Elders Project in our 2016-17 season, the Youth/Elder Initiative focuses on continued intergenerational dialogue in a formal setting using the Long Table format developed by Lois Weaver as well as other creative conversation and theatre models. The Youth/Elder Initiative will round out the year with an informal showing of the Long Table in May. Elders interested in getting involved are invited to fill out this form as well.

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